Atherton Construction, LLC. is a Nationally recognized Federal Government Contracting entity specializing in Commercial and Residential projects since 1986. For over twenty (25) years Atherton Construction has developed an excellent reputation for integrity, honesty, a commitment to partnering and a dedication to quality that ensures the Government will receive a project that exceeds expectations. Atherton Construction is one of the premier Federal Contractors in the United States. Atherton has constructed or renovated thousands of military residential housing units as well as numerous commercial projects for all branches of the Military and other Federal Agencies across the United States

Experience Includes:

  • Diversified construction experience including a variety of climatic and remote conditions ranging from arctic conditions in Fairbanks, Alaska to extreme high temperatures in Death Valley, California.

  • Proven ability to successfully manage multiple and simultaneous projects throughout the United States.

  • Above Average and Outstanding evaluations for all branches of the Military and Federal Government including the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Navy, National Park Service, Coast Guard, and General Services Administration.