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Atherton’s Phase 7 Housing Project performed at the USAF Academy, Colorado, received an OUTSTANDING Performance Evaluation along with:

“This Company has provided the Best warranty response I have ever seen.”

John Peters, Contracting Officer, USAF Academy, CO
Eureka Housing Project

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work you and your crew have done on our Eureka housing complex. Throughout this project, you have demonstrated an unflagging commitment to providing the Coast Guard with a quality product. You can be justifiably proud that your efforts will have a significant positive impact on the quality of life for our Coast Guard families for many years to come.”

JA Walker, Commander, US Coast Guard, Humbolt Bay, CA
Minot AFB, Missile Alert Facilities

“Atherton Construction, Inc. has recently completed Renovate Missile Alert Facilities at Minot AFB, ND. Atherton Construction performed with the utmost professionalism and timeliness, while requested minimal changes. Their quality of work is superior and we highly recommend award of any future contracts to this company.”

Richard A. Skinner, Contact Administrator Dept. of the Air Force, Minot, ND
Replace MFH, Phase 3

“I take this opportunity to commend you for your excellent performance and wish to express my gratitude for your professional efforts and your cooperation during this project…quality control efforts have resulted in the assurance of specification and performance schedule adherence and a smooth transition into Alaska’s extreme winter months. Your partnering commitment with the government has helped keep changes to a minimum and performance either on or ahead of schedule.”

Michael A. LeLevier, MSgt, Contract Administrator Dept. of the Air Force, Eielson AFB, AK
Design/Build Crescent Harbor Housing Project, NAS, Whidbey Island

”Atherton Construction was contracted to provide construction management services and was subcontracted to complete a major portion of the work scope. Your expertise in these areas are unparalleled in our experience and had resulted in the swift resolution of problems and issues as they have arisen. The working ethic and attitude exemplified by your representatives continue to inspire high employee morale and have proven very instructive to us in our efforts to professionally advance in our own right. We believe Atherton Construction, Inc. is the best contractor we have ever worked with. It is with great pleasure that I unreservedly recommend Atherton Construction, Inc.’s services for any federal construction project. Your record with us and with others with whom we have had contact bear eloquent testimony to your willingness to cooperate to the fullest extent possible in an effort to produce only the best product for the customer. The pride of excellent workmanship is obviously extremely important to Atherton and very evident in all that your company has done for us.”

Terry A. Gomes, President, CECI – TKTM, Joint Venture, Las Vegas, NV.
Family Housing, Naval Submarine Base, Bangor, Silverdale, WA

”… You will note the overall rating is OUTSTANDING. It was apparent that during the course of this project that Atherton Construction established and maintained safety, jobsite cleanliness and quality workmanship as high priorities. Your efforts resulted in a very high quality product to the Government. This effort has greatly improved the quality of life for Navy sailors and Marines in the Pacific Northwest.”

Legena M. Briest, Lt. JG, CEC, USNR Poulsbo, WA
Housing Project, Phase 6, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO

”I have found Atherton Construction to be a professionally run, honest, reasonable firm with an upfront business attitude who exhibits a willingness to work with the government on a multitude of items…Atherton’s professionalism is evident by their ability to effectively manage a complex, multi-discipline project of this nature. As in any project, problems occur, however, Atherton has the ability to effectively deal with all conditions encountered minimizing both delays and costs.”

S.L. Knizek, Contract Representative Dept. of the Air Force, USAF Academy, CO
Phase 2, Whole House Renovation, New Cumberland, PA

”Atherton Construction is an experienced DOD renovation contractor. Atherton Construction partnered with the Government to quickly and mutually resolve any issues as they arose.”

James Troese, Project Engineer Dept. of the Army, USACE PA.
Family Housing Project, New Cumberland, PA, Defense Distribution Center

”I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your Outstanding Performance on the successful completion of subject project. You delivered high quality Performance because of your effective management and your Company’s dedication to timely delivery. You are commended for your expertise, outstanding cooperation, responsiveness and timely delivery of this completed project.”

Patricia Adams, Contracting Officer, Dept. of the Army, USACE Baltimore, MD.
Housing Project, Phase 5, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO

”Thanks for the great support! I’d like to take a minute to say how much we appreciate being allowed to visit your housing renovation project here the Academy, and how thankful we are for the opportunity to study your organization. While our class, entitled Civil Engineering 480 (Construction Management), introduces cadets to the construction process, we believe that the best way to learn about construction is in the field from experienced professionals. It’s clear from our first contact…that Atherton Construction is just that – experienced and professional. With your approval, several of our cadets would like to visit the project site during the next few months – learning about construction processes, practices and management techniques…”

Zane W. Mitchell, Jr., Capt, USAF, Civil Engineering 480 Course Director, CO.
Aircraft Hangar R 74, NAS Fallon, NV

”…no increase in time on a job which was very time sensitive. The Contractor’s adherence to the schedule is an indication of excellent coordination with subcontractors.”

D.E. Roe, Lt, CEC, USN, Deputy Resident Officer, NV.
Two Projects performed at NAS Fallon, NV

”Atherton has done two exceptional jobs at NAS Fallon. I’ve worked in Navy contracting for ten years, and Atherton is one of the best, if not the best, contractor I have worked with.” Outstanding overall rating issued.

Lt. R.L. Butters, Resident Officer in Charge of Construction
Fire Fighting Training Center, Naval Station, Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA

”I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to your firm for a job well done on the subject contract. I would especially like to recognize those involved from your home and field staff for their professional and responsive cooperation with my staff. …the site project managers were truly outstanding in performing their duties. Their cooperation and hard work were integral to the successful completion of this project. We especially appreciate their ability to anticipate technical problems and work with the Navy in reaching mutually agreeable solutions. Without their foresight and flexibility, this project would not have been completed so successfully. The Navy needs good responsive contractors and your firm is an outstanding example for other contractors to emulate. Thank you for performing in such a professional manner. It was a pleasure doing business with your company.”

G.M. Wilcox, Lt. Commander, CEC, USN, CA.
Chavez Federal Building, Albuquerque, NM

”Thank you for your professionalism in accomplishing the project within the period of performance and terms and conditions of the contract. The completion of the project would not have been accomplished in such a timely matter without your total commitment, judgment and integrity towards the project. Thank you again for your total quality management commitment.”

Lupe Q. Muniz, Contracting Officer, General Services Administration Region 7
$24.2 Million Design/Build Housing Project, NAS Whidbey Island, WA

”I am pleased to note your firm’s performance to date has been rated OUTSTANDING. I take this opportunity to commend you for your excellent performance and wish to express my appreciation for your professional efforts and your fine cooperation during this project.”

Linda M. Gruber, Contracting Officer, Dept. of the Navy, WA.
Housing Renovation, Phase 4, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO

”When someone does an unusually good job, they deserve applause.…..In an era when the phrase “Government Contractor” conjures up some unfavorable stereotypes, it’s reassuring to meet a contractor team of decent, hardworking, honest professionals….I would hope a few good words from a satisfied customer could help them win future contracts; I certainly wish them well.”

Harold S. Rhoads, Lt. Col., USAF, CO.
Housing Renovation, Marine Air Corp Station, Beaufort, SC

”I have had the pleasure of working with Atherton Construction and their Project Manager on the Laurel Bay Renovation Project in Beaufort, SC for the past year and a half. … Renovation work is challenging at best, but to perform work in predominately occupied units is the ultimate challenge. I have over 30 years experience in real estate development and construction and have found Atherton Construction and its management of this project to be first class. Atherton’s jobsites are neat, orderly and their construction methodology is second to none. Atherton personnel have been extremely attentive and sympathetic to the inconvenience their work has caused our residents. Atherton is nearly 10 months ahead of schedule on their Twenty-One million Dollar contract. This has been one of the smoothest renovation projects I have ever been associated with and the quality of work is top shelf.”

Peter R. Ross, Project Director, Tri-Command Communities, Marine Air Corp Station, SC
Cow Creek Housing project, Death Valley National Park, CA

”All phases of the project were completed in a timely and professional manner. This project had some very difficult obstacles to overcome to meet the timeframes such as heat temperatures to 125 degrees and the isolated area just to name a couple, but the schedule was followed very closely. The project was completed with a very high degree of workmanship. Highly skilled and talented people represented all trades. Your subcontractors also reflected this same attitude. The end product is something that the Park at Death Valley is very proud of. Both your management in your home office and in the field need to be commended for the job that they do. They set schedules, ordered materials, contracted with subcontractors and made sure that the project stayed on track. It is always a pleasure to deal with a competent and professional contractor. It was great working with your staff and hope that you do more projects for the National Park Service. I hope your company found the park service staff as reasonable and willing to work with as I found your staff.”

Frank Baublits, C.O.M. United States Department of the interior, Kaleakala National Park, HI